Hi, tiqtiq is Available on both the App Store and the Play Store now and is an awesome App! It can send your nice photos to any email you like with the least number of taps on your phone: one!

tiqtiq: the one tap app!

That is why the App is called tiqtiq. Have you ever tried to send more than one photo to an email address with a proper email subject? It will take you 20-30 times tapping your smartphone, but now there is our app! In our app you can press the tiqtiq button and give it a GO!

  • tiq1: launch the App!
  • tiq2: send your images!

tiqtiq App Store photo sender




This is all possible since your phone is smart of course, and …. tiqtiq makes smart use of your phone with preset settings in a kind of swipe wheel. Swiping gives you easy access to other presets or “tiqs”. So if your first tiq setting is sending to the office, you swipe your screen and you can send to a friend, swipe again and another email will show.


The idea came to us when we were doing an inspection on a roof for solar panels. The photos that we took with our private smartphone (we brought our own device, BYOD) should go to our business email the easy way. This is not possible. It takes more than 30 times touching of the phone to send out one email with 10 photos! Of course you can get a wire and connect to your PC, you can also make use of the cloud. But easier is to have them in your email. This works as a reminder and you will sit down anyway to generate the quote for the customer for example or write the tech report.

OK, one photo can be shared through Whatsapp, but 10 photos? And what about a unique title when sending by email? So many clever things came up designing the App to make it as easy as possible to use.

tiqtiq best new app

So we hope it is of use to you and you will use it many times: it is very “EASY” to use “tiqtiq”. The app will be the FASTEST too ;-)

Think of the multiple ways to use the app:

  • grandma and grandpa after a day with the small ones: they can use tiqtiq to send photos to the parents
  • a broker selling houses will be sending the photos to the office in One tiq
  • technical people making an inspection and the collegue needs to photos in the report, they can use tiqtiq
  • the insurance guy taking photos of a damaged car: try tiqtiq
  • photographers having design inspiration and want to share with the office: try our app
  • business woman having had lunch: use tiqtiq to send the bill to the office for admin
  • and many many other customers can use tiqtiq

As you know, all Smartphone users will go for the easiest way to send the pictures! Of course. Just like you do.

AppStore LINK

Google Play LINK

Keep me posted!