Android screens tiqtiq | customer feedback

Android screens tiqtiq

Hi, we are almost there. Ready to release the Android version. It looks again very nice and the look and feel is the same as our iOS version! A few improvements we made are visible below. You can now see the email title in the “send”-screen and also the photo size. And we plan to also introduce a No Selection option in the Period setting: the photo selection setting.



See the Edit screen below. So for Period we introduce a No Selection option. We got feedback of a very frequent, say daily, user that when his products arrive, in this case bicycles, he is making photos for his webshop. Per bicycle 4 or 5 photos that he like in his email. But it takes less than 10minutes to do one bike. So then he needs to wait or deselect images … we had never thought about this. It proves that customer feedback is very very important!


Android screens tiqtiq | customer feedback

Keep me posted!