Google hits

The last few days we have been thinking about how to get noticed though search engines. One of things that popped up was: Why not write a blog message having the list of most important words relating to the App? So here we go: tiqtiq, tiqtiqapp, smartapp, smart app, photo sender, to email, fastest app, image sender, charity, tiqs, easy to use, only one tiq, the one tap app, picture sender, transfer of photos to any email, nifty app, tiq tiq, tiqtiq blog, this list is getting too long :-), app review, best app to share photos, presets, predefined settings, send your photos taken the last hour for example, or the last 5 minutes, or the last two hours, privacy protected, email address will only be used in the app, it is a very nice app, awesome app, dynamic app, smartapp, etc etc etc. Have a nice day. Available on the App Store JUNE 2015. Try tiqtiq, buy premium, support charity. Google search. Google hits.


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