retweet one tap app tiqtiq fast and easy

retweet one tap app tiqtiq fast and easy

Hi all,

Since 7-8 weeks we are now working very hard on twitter and other social platforms like Google+ to promote our app. The number of downloads is now approaching 400. So on the one hand this is already quite nice, on the other hand we expected more. Since 500 million iPhone users can download the app. So we think we need to work hard on our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ASO (App Store Optimization).

So this week we spend a lot of time reading and learning about SEO. We have a nice WordPress website ( and use Yoast (

For example we write now blogs that also have the search terms inside like “handy-app-to-share-photos-to-email-or-dropbox”:

or a Dutch version like:

So if you like to help us then link to one of our pages or retweet a tiqtiq tweet :-)


Download at the App Store:


Keep me posted!