tiqtiq AdWords and AppStore

tiqtiq AdWords and AppStore


Goodday everyone following the tiqtiq story :-)

The last few days were amazing, downloads going up from a daily low level through 125-206-197 to a record of 240 yesterday! We suspect our AdWords campaign that started last Wednesday to have started this all, and the AppStore best-new-apps ranking to do the rest :-)

The strange thing was that we see on our mobile AdWords campaign that the number of clicks was a daily 4-8, the number of views much higher. So we are puzzled how this converted into app downloads. We focussed on Amsterdam and a circle around the city covering 4million people. But the effective downloads came from more countries like Portugal, Belgium, Greece and more. So today we investigated and found a nice button in iTunes on the PC: switch country, at the bottom, touch the flag and change country. This way we could check the best-new-app rankings in several countries.

So we really do not know based on what parameters we were placed in the best-app-rankings last week …. we guess only because suddenly Apple found our app and likes it! Coincidently in the same week we started our focused AdWords campaign ….

This focused campaign, focused on a specific area, aiming at iOS users and with the right searchterms is very useful we think! If you need some advice here we can give it to you now. Just get in contact :-)

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