tiqtiq at work, BYOD, bring your own device

tiqtiq at work, BYOD, bring your own device

Since tiqtiq is now available for both iOS and Android we see that our app can be very useful at work. For example at constuction sites. People take more and more pictures, also at work. Another trend is that they use their private phones more and more at work. From this perspective tiqtiq can help to bridge the gap. The photo is taken with the provite device, and by using tiqtiq the photos go to the work environment by email!



So tell your collegues at work that they all should use tiqtiq! With the multiple tiqs you can easily swipe between a private email address, your work email or an email of your supplier for example. And when you get your sendtoDropbox email address at www.sendtoDropbox.com you can move these pictures to Dropbox in one GO! With the increased number of smartphones, the increasing number of photos shot tiqtiq can add value and improve your productivity. Try to send 5-10-`5 photos without tiqtiq: it will take you around 45sec if you press all the buttons correctly around 25 times. Use tiqtiq: it takes one time pushing the tiqtiq button: EASE OF USE, and only 3 seconds: PRODUCTVITY :-)



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