upload to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, all with IFTTT!

Last week we discovered a new way of using tiqtiq to move photos to Google Drive or OneDrive!!

We already know that if you use a sendtoDropbox.com email address you can move photos to Dropbox with tiqtiq very easily. But for Google Drive you cannot get a special personal email address.


So now we know how to do this: with IFTTT! If this then that! So You can do this Too in 3 steps:

1. Make a special gmail email address: for example: JohnsWorkPhotos<at>gmail.com

2. Make a recipe in IFTTT: save attachments of JohnsWorkPhotos@… to Google Drive

3. Use the gmail address in tiqtiq and you are done!


All photos will end up in your special folder on Google Drive pressing the tiqtiq button one time :-)

You can also start to do this for Amazon Drive, OneDrive and all other cloud services that can be connected with your IFTTT account!


Keep me posted!